Cornelius Wamalwa

Cornelius Wamalwa is the Founder of Healthy Living Worldwide, a blog that has lately stamped authority online with its great content, and is now recognized globally as one of the leading health and well-being blogs.

About two years ago Cornelius Wamalwa was a patient of a very complicated gastric ulcer case which led him to undergo stomach surgery once, and twice he endured the pain of an endoscopy operation.

His doctor had recommended him for a third endoscopy operation, but he declined and instead turned the focus on online research in an endeavor to find a cure for the ulcers, which would be without much pain and huuuge costs.

Three months down the line his online research efforts bore fruits;  he was able to cure gastric ulcers.

But the fire in him never ceased burning.

His health restored, yes, but Cornie knew millions of the world’s population are suffering like him yesteryear. This was the driving force in him and hence he changed course and thought about how his health assistance could spread worldwide, in his small way.

And soon, this is what became the Genesis of Health Living Worldwide. Today Cornie Wamalwa has assisted 1000s of such cases and the fire in him is burning like never before.

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