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Do you love reading books?


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Since time immemorial, and especially of late books have helped many people to achieve success in life. Success comes in different ways according to one’s set goals.

Success And The Book Reading Culture

Some people are very successful today because through reading books they acquired info about healthy living, and are now leading a healthy life. This means they enjoy life free of illnesses, and their money is utilized on more important things rather than in hospitals.

On the other hand, through the book  reading culture, especially in this Digital books era many people have acquired writing skills and are now enjoying the success of being the world’s bestsellers, and the fame that comes with it as bestseller Authors.

But above all, most successful people in executive positions in the world today admit to the fact that their success is as a result of reading books.

So from every angle you will note that the books reading culture begets success.

But wait,

What does science say about the reading culture?

Science indicates that People who read books live longer than non readers.

But how?

A Study contacted by Yale researchers among 3635 people found out that people who read books for 30 minutes on daily basis lived 23 months longer than those who did not. It revealed that reading books generates cognitive engagement that enhances such essential things like thinking skills, concentration and vocabulary. This book reading business also affects emotional intelligence, empathy and social perception. Science says these things put together helps one to live longer and happier on earth than non readers.

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