How To Lose Weight Safely

How To Lose Weight Safely, —And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)

Research indicates that overweight and or obese people are at high risk of serious diseases such as cancer,high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and the latest of all: the dreaded Covid-19.

In this article, I highlight all the effective ways for you to lose weight, stay healthy, and safe.

How To Lose Weight Safely, And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)

It is a dream of every overweight and or obese person to lose weight safely and enjoy a healthy, illness-free life. However, the tricky part for many is how to attain, and lead such a desirable (yet elusive) happy life.

Well, the most common obstacle to a healthy life today is the issue of overweight, and or obesity. This is not a secret. There is enough data to support it and it is well in the public domain.


Here I mean almost every literate person on earth today knows that overweight or obesity assures us of hell-life on earth, and more often than not leads to fatality.

What is not so certain with many people is what they require to do to shed off the extra fats, or to avoid the excess fats build-up — and stay safe. And this is the very reason why I’m writing this article. — To take you through step-by-step on what you need to do to acquire a healthy weight and how to maintain it for good.

Before I dive deep into the comprehensive ways to lose weight, and how to stick to a healthy weight, let me first shed light on these key terms and phrases:

What Is Overweight, Obesity, A Healthy Weight, And Underweight?

World health organization (WHO), which is one of the most reliable “teachers” on the globe —in matters of health teaches us that overweight or obesity is an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.

Well, then how can you tell if you have excessive fat build-up?

I have personally seen many people who look overweight or even obese, but guess what! Science exonerated them of any unhealthy weight.


How Do You Determine Your Healthy Weight?

Again I sought answers with the World Health Organization (WHO) and it provides a precise phrase, and simple calculation for the answer: The Body Mass Index (BMI)

The Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters is used to determine whether one is of a healthy weight, overweight, obese, or even underweight.

How to determine weight conditions

Healthy weight measures between 18.5 – 24.9, overweight falls between 25-29.9, and obese is any figure from 30.0 and above. Nonetheless, a result below 18.5 indicates underweight —which is mostly overlooked.

Underweight condition is not any safer condition as is perceived by many. It has its health risks too!

But since our interest today is to lose weight, more about underweight is a topic for another day (coming soon).

Today let’s stick to our core topic:

How To Lose Weight Safely, —And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)

Probably you have heard some people who promise to shed off your weight overnight!

But has it ever happened on earth?

No. Losing weight safely is not a walk in the park.

If you are overweight or obese and desire to reach your healthy weight goal, you must listen to what health science says.

The main factor you need to consider is:

What brought about your overweight or obesity?

Causes Of Overweight And Obesity

According to most religious books, the lifestyle that leads one to HELL is very joyous, tempting, and sweet.

Similarly, according to health books and professionals, the lifestyle that leads one to HELL ON EARTH (Overweight And Obesity) is very joyous, tempting to try, and generally sweet.

What a coincidence?

Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of this.

The Sweet Lifestyle That Leads To Hell On Earth (Overweight And Or Obesity)

Delicious deep-fries, sugary fast foods, plenty of sweet processed foods, plenty of alcohol drinks with friends amid heart-touching music, enjoying watching exciting movies for long hours in comfortable chairs, and or playing interesting computer games, —it can really be merry!

But the result of it all! Overweight and or obese.

This type of lifestyle can be compared to the lake which has inlets but has little, or no outlet/s —which ends up swelling the “human lake” into overweight and eventually obesity.

Let me break it down.

What Happens To Excess Energy You Take?

All body organs require energy to function. Talk of the brain, heart, muscles, liver.

But what happens if you take in more energy than your body requires? All the extra calories are converted into fats and stored for future use —in case of an energy deficit.

Yet a dormant lifestyle only requires very little energy and hence every time you take your daily food more and more energy is converted to fats and piles up. Overtime these fat build-ups become the dreaded overweight or even obesity that we are talking about today.

Active Lifestyle,

Perhaps you have heard of this popular health and wellness phrase that goes: “Lead an active lifestyle.”

What this means is that unlike a dormant body, an active body requires more energy and hence little energy (if any) shall be left over to be stored as fat. An active lifestyle may also create a deficit of energy so that some stored fats can be converted into energy to be used. This can be an important healing step for an overweight or obese condition.

So, what lifestyle do health experts recommend?

Cornelius, this is obvious! (I know)

The Self-discipline Lifestyle That Leads To Heaven On Earth (A Healthy Weight)

On the other hand, the religious books say the lifestyle that leads one to HEAVEN is very restrictive, and calls for total discipline —demands one to abide by every bit of the given commandments.

Coincidentally, the health books say the lifestyle that leads to a healthy weight (Heaven On Earth) is restrictive and calls for a lot of discipline —requires one to adhere to health commandments.

The Health And Wellness Commandments

  • Thou shall not consume a lot of deep-fries
  • Thou shall not drink too much alcohol
  • Thou shall not consume too much-processed foods
  • Avoid too much sugary fast foods.
  • Always eat a balanced diet and drink enough water
  • Always have enough rest (sleep)
  • Always lead an active lifestyle that involves a lot of mobility.

The Importance Of The Health Commandments

This kind of lifestyle ensures that you don’t take in more calories than the body requires. And if there can be extra calories an active body can easily need it for energy before it piles to overweight or obese condition.

Though this kind of lifestyle is recommended and leads to a healthy weight, more often than not it proves challenging for many people. This is why many opt for the easier, unrestrictive, enjoyable option, but which eventually lands them into the hell of overweight and or obesity.

Whilst some causes of overweight and obesity can be due to medical conditions or genetics, most cases are due to poor lifestyle.

So without further ado, let’s face it:

How To Lose Weight Safely, —And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)

If you can succeed to employ many of the following tactics, you’ll definitely achieve your target healthy weight.

1. Kick Off Your Day With Physical Exercises (Workouts)

No doubt physical exercises help burn calories leading to weight loss. But a new study shows that people who kick off their morning with workouts lose more weight than those who exercise late in the day.

Besides losing weight, there is another benefit to doing physical exercise in the morning. Doing especially aerobic exercises improves both your physical and mental health. Who will not love to have good physical and mental throughout the day?

2. Increase Water Intake

In many parts of the world, especially developing countries (including my home country—Kenya) whenever there is famine, many mothers like every child to start with drinking water some minutes before the small available meal is served. This helps them to feel fuller before they eat a little meal so that they can be satisfied with the small meal.

But from this practice (I guess) many scientific studies were carried out and they found out that the same approach can actually help overweight and obese cases to lose weight!

Other than causing one to eat less, the studies also show that drinking more water can boosts metabolism which helps burn more calories.

3. Take Green Tea

Other than the enormous nutritional benefits associated with green tea, studies show that it enhances metabolism. Research indicates that two important compounds: caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin are the fuel behind this boost of metabolism. While the two compounds increase the amount of energy the body uses, Catechin acts by breaking down excess fat to generate and feed-in the required energy.

4. Reduce Added Sugar Intake

Consumption of added sugar can be the easiest way to take in maximum calories and add maximum weight. And this is not a secret. This is because many additive sugar-based products are very sweet, tempting to consume more and more, and generally don’t feel up your stomach easily. But the worst! Of late studies have found out that additive sugar is now addictive.

Additive sugars hide in things like beverages, ice creams chocolates, cakes, fruit juices, premade smoothies, canned baked beans, cereal bars, vitamin water, iced tea, chocolate milk.

So, cutting down on the consumption of added sugar-based items can be a great step on your journey to lose weight.

5. Do Away Or Minimize Consumption Of Processed Foods

Studies have linked Ultra-processed foods with weight gain which can lead to overweight and obesity over time.

The main reason being the ingredients in processed foods such as flavoring agents, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and emulsifiers are high in sugar, salt, fat, and calories.

Overconsumption of these ingredients results in weight gain and other health deficiency issues.

So replacing processed foods with wholemeal food can go a long way in cutting down your weight.

6. Eat More Fiber

Fiber is simply non-digestible carbohydrates found in plant foods

Why is it important in matters of losing weight?

It plays two important roles depending on the type of fiber:

There are two types of fiber namely, insoluble fiber (which does not dissolve in water) and soluble fiber (which dissolves in water)

Role #1. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your diet filling your belly with fewer calories.

Role #2. Soluble fiber suppresses appetite by slowing the movement of food through the gut. This helps slow down the rate at which sugar is released into your bloodstream. In turn, the pancreas also releases insulin at a slower rate making the feeling of hunger delay.

This can be a great way of consuming fewer calories and hence lose weight.

7. Eat Slowly

If you intend to lose weight, don’t be a quick and careless eater, —advises health experts.

Studies show that people who eat quickly tend to add more weight than people who eat slowly. And it is not just that simple! Studies indicate that hasty eaters are up to 115% at risk of getting obese than slow-paced eaters.

8. Catch Enough Daily Sleep

It may be difficult to associate sleep with losing weight. But actually, it affects a big deal! Studies show that people who tend to get short sleep gain more weight than those who have sufficient sleep.

One review study found out that children who get short sleep were 89% at risk of being obese while adults who catch short sleep are at a 55% risk of being obese.

9. Avoid Addiction To Alcohol And Other Drinks Or Foods

Though mild and moderate drinkers may be safe from gaining weight, this is not what addiction does! People who are addicted cannot control how much they drink. That is why most of the addicted drinkers are automatically heavy drinkers. — And that is where the problem lays!

Studies show that heavy alcohol drinking leads to weight gain. And it is common sense that daily weight gain as a result of alcohol addiction will lead to overweight and or obesity.

Alcohol does not only give you surplus calories but also stimulates the appetite for other foods, especially roasted red meat. These two modes together can rocket weight gain to obesity.

10. Take In More Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. Yeah, —every cell in the human body contains protein. Then how can this protein help lose weight?

This leaves many people thinking. In fact, some people tend to associate proteins with weight gain.

But NO! Studies show that protein is a very important nutrient for both good looking body and losing weight.

High protein consumption works by boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, and altering some weight-regulating hormones.

11. Add Chili Peppers In Your Foods

The research found out that adding chili peppers to your foods can help burn extra calories and dampen appetite. This is due to the presence of a compound called capsaicin in chili peppers which plays the “magic” of boosting metabolism reducing appetite.

12. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetable consumption can be one of the best ways to lose weight with little struggle.


– Fruits and vegetables are naturally bulky; full of water and fiber hence can fill your belly fast with very minimal calories.

– Many fruits are sweet and can satisfy your cravings for added sugar foods that are high in calories.

– Fruits and vegetables are nutritious hence they will replace the need for other fatty or sugary foods. Reliable source:(1)

13. Eat Green (Unripe Bananas)

Green bananas have enormous benefits. But the key benefit today is the promotion of weight loss.

Unripe bananas can promote loss of weight in two main ways:

Way #1. Green bananas contain resistant starch which keeps your belly full longer. This will lessen excess carbohydrate consumption hence promote weight loss.

Way #2. Green bananas help boost the process of burning calories which in turn enhances metabolism. Unripe bananas also being high in vital nutrients and minerals can optimize metabolism by ways of giving your body a steady complex carbohydrate base. A reliable source (1)

14. Portion Control

To lose weight in some cases as simple as common sense! — You will need to consume fewer calories than the calories you disburse.

Rationing your portions can do the math.

Studies show that almost every time we eat —without checking our portions, we eat more than necessary. This is because many of us eat to finish what is set on the table.

But this doesn’t mean that you starve! No. There are so many ways you can apply portion control without going hungry. Explore them here.

15. Avoid Sugary Cold Drinks

New research shows that a reduction in the consumption of sugar-laden drinks seems to have a bigger impact on weight loss than a reduction in the consumption of solid foods.

In fact, Dr. Benjamin Caballero of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and colleagues in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition say:

Consumption of liquid calories from beverages has increased in parallel with the obesity epidemic in the US population,”

This is evident that if you desire to lose weight you must avoid or cut down on sugary drinks, including sugar-sweetened beverages.

The Bottom Line

To lose weight safely and stick to a healthy weight for good (based on science) can be a tricky affair if you don’t have the necessary discipline that shall lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

But of course, it is doable if you consider and apply many of the health “commandments” outlined above.

All in all, make sure the calorie intake is fewer than the calories burned if you intend to lose weight.

Otherwise, ensure the calorie intake equals the calories burned if you intend to maintain a healthy weight achieved. That is the simple rule. 

How To Lose Weight Safely, —And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)
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How To Lose Weight Safely, —And Stick To A Healthy Weight For Good (Based On Science)
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