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If you are looking for the best, natural way to lead a healthy and vibrant life —as it was God’s plan, you are in the right place.

Cornelius Wamalwa Wa Mutieme

I am Cornelius Wamalwa Wa Mutieme, a gastric ulcer survivor (thanks to natural health lifestyle), a health coach, and the Founder of the Healthy Living Worldwide blog.

I do believe health is the core of everything in human life. If your health is at stake, you cannot make or maintain wealth. In fact, health issues can be the number one consumer of anybody’s wealth if not taken care of early enough —the appropriate natural way.

Have you ever pictured ancient times how humans lived without the luxury of the modern complex hospital facilities, multi-PHD Doctors at their best, amid best drugs? And out of hospital space, we enjoy the use of modern equipment in farming, the use of herbicides for weeding and insecticides to control insects on the farms…you can go on forever with modern discoveries to make our life luxurious! Though they are not always the best for our health — as you will learn later.

But wait! In the absence of all these modern comforts, the Bible says, a man called Methuselah lived for 969 years, another one called Jared lived 962 years while the famous Noah lived 950years! Wasn’t that great? Yet our current life expectancy before the strike of covid-19 in some countries was as low as 50years. With the mass deaths due to Covid-19, you can only do the guesswork of it. What conclusions do you make out of this data?  

At healthy living worldwide we research and make sense of the best, yet simple health habits employed by our ancestors and professionally incorporate them with some good ideas from modern health science and set it as an optimum healthy package which our followers live to enjoy, and experience great health and vitality.

You don’t need to spend much on expensive foodstuffs, complex gyms —with a lot of sweating, and bone-breaking activities day in, day out!

You will realize that fitness is with you in your house or your compound. You just follow simple routine workouts, squatting, frog jumping, playing your favorite game, cycling, walking to your workplace if not very far, burst into a trot to avoid rain shower….

Eating can be even simpler if you have an organic-based garden of a variety of greens, fruits, bananas, and at the backyard some poultry, fish bond, a cow for milk products, and so on.  

My team and I at Healthy living worldwide spend a lion’s share of our time exploring both the ancient and modern health science so that we improve on our health content every opportune time so that you get the best —unmatched health info which we believe if taken into account will enable you to achieve your goal, and hence our goal —The optimum natural health with little expenses.

Welcome–and enjoy optimum health!