What you need to do to Win the war against coronavirus Disease(covid-19)

What You Need To Do To Win The War Against Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19)

What You Need To Do To Win The War Against Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19)


What Is CoronaVirus Disease(Covid-19)?—(You May Wonder)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), —Simply, and commonly referred to as corona is a viral, rapidly infectious disease that is caused by Coronavirus. UnlikeHIV/AIDS which was dreadful, but spread at slow rate COVID-19 is very fast paced. 

In this article, I provide you with guidelines on what you need to do to win the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19).

The controversial origin of Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) being Wuhan China, in December 2019, the disease has quickly spread all over the world. With just a few exceptions, it has caused devastation to almost every country on earth.

Top scientists despite their recent guidelines on what you need to do to win the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19), resonated with their historian counterparts that never in human history had any diseases threatened human life within such a short span of time like Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19).

The Alarming Spread Of Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19)

Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19) has particularly caused terror in the whole world because of its nature of infections. It attacked the super economies and the superpower countries first, —here the US leading in Superpower and Economy and in Corona cases too.

The Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) also hit hard the renowned spiritual countries, —here Italy leading this group(Where Pope resides), and second to the USA in Corona deaths, as per the time I write this article.

Israel, the country where most of the Bible content is developed, has not been spared either. At the time of writing this article corona cases in Israel stands at 12,855 and 148 deaths. —And the numbers of infections and deaths are growing on a daily basis.

The fact that Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) has hit the superpowers hard and crying, similarly to renowned religious countries (which are thought to have God’s favor) has left the rest of the world horrified. — And now the question lingering in the minds of many is,


“Has The End-Time Come?”

Many people are peddling these stories of end-times being at hand. Other people think that such diseases may indicate that The III World War is underway. But does it hold water?

Definitely keen observers of events will differ with this theory. It’s not realistic to believe that Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) is marking the end of the world. This is due to the fact that where the Coronavirus disease began in China, the disease is now controlled and almost a thing of the past.  And it is a matter of commonsense that China can be excluded in this end-time thing.

As it is on almost everybody’s tongue, it is very agreeable that this is the time the whole world need to seek the face of God like never before (to survive the COVID-19 pandemic).

But first,

What You Need To Do To Win The War Against Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19).

Since the emergence of Coronavirus disease(Covid-19), health scientists have been working round the clock, trying to make discoveries and save the world from this pandemic.  Vaccine nor cure are yet to be realized, but scientists have come up with measures and guidelines on how you can avoid contracting the disease.

These guidelines on what you need to do to win the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) seem simple and straightforward, but because they contradict most of the human day to day habits, they have proved to be challenging to the majority of the people across the world.

But, before we dive into these guidelines and how effective they can be in conquering the Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19), let’s look at the significant discoveries about the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 disease.


The Key Discovery About How Long Coronavirus Can Survive In Air

While there is the argument about Coronavirus being airborne or not, a recent study done by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Laboratory of Virology in the Division of Intramural Research in Hamilton, Montana USA indicates that the infectious viruses could remain alive and dangerous in the air for at most three hours.

This definitely shows how long the Coronavirus can be airborne.

The Key Discovery About How Long Coronavirus Can Survive On Different Surfaces Common In Human Life.

Dr. Vincent Munster of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) with his team carried out a study about how long Coronavirus can survive on different surfaces commonly in homes, hospitals, and other common places. The study came up with the following findings:

  • That Coronavirus can survive on plastic objects for up to two to three days
  • Researchers also found that Coronavirus can remain alive and dangerous in stainless steel objects for two to three days
  • The Coronavirus can also survive on cardboard objects for up to twenty-four hours
  • About copper objects, the  Coronavirus can remain dangerously alive on them for up to four hours

But since the disease is very new, much about it is yet to be discovered. This is why you need to sign up with the experts to get updated every time new discoveries are unearthed.


Lessons You Need To Learn From The Discoveries Of Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19).

Since the Coronavirus is transmitted via respiratory droplets during sneezing and/or coughing, you can easily catch the Coronavirus disease by coming in contact with the respiratory droplets from the corona patient (or carrier).

Scientists have discovered and disclosed how long the Coronavirus can stay dangerously alive in air and on different surfaces. It is up to you to learn and take care by either avoiding to touch suspicious surfaces or cleaning/sanitizing them regularly to evade contracting the Coronavirus disease(COVID-19).

These new findings of the behavior of Coronavirus, also show you why it is necessary to put on health certified face masks, especially when visiting public places. This would help keep you safe in case you pass through coronavirus contaminated air.


The Means Through Which Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19) Can Be Transmitted.

Considering the characteristics of the Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 disease as disclosed by researchers, one can easily contract Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) by any of the following:

  • If you are close to the corona patient/carrier (less than one meter)  so that the sneezed/coughed droplets is sprayed on your face (Nose, Eyes, Or Lips)
  • Touching a surface which is contaminated with the Coronavirus and in turn you touch your face (Eyes, Nose Or Lips)
  • If your garment/cloth comes in contact with corona contaminated place (or person), it can easily wipe your face (eyes, nose, or mouth) at the time you put on or off.
  • You can eat Coronavirus directly if the food or utensils are contaminated with Coronavirus. This is common among people who like take-away foods from the hotels and other eatery joints.
  • Being very unaware you can easily contract Coronavirus disease(COVID-19) from your partner during kissing. Hence kissing may be a forbidden thing throughout the world for this corona period.
  • While using cell phones not many people know that it can easily infect you with the Coronavirus disease(Covid-19).
  • You can also catch the virus from paper/coin money
  • A recent study has revealed that coronavirus disease(COVID-19) does not only infect through sneezing or coughing. You can actually get it during a close conversation with the Coronavirus patient/carrier. The moist breath in your face is enough to infect you with Coronavirus(COVID-19) disease.

What You Need To Do To Avoid Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19).

Considering the modes of coronavirus transmission above, you need to strictly adhere to all the measures and guidelines the health scientists have outlined in order to evade the dangerous coronavirus Disease(Covid-19).

You probably have wondered why people who are so intelligent and elite are contracting Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) as though they lack information about this deadly disease. But no. The research found out that it is all about the day-to-day habit. People naturally fail to pay attention to numerous small things that they ought to observe strictly in order to dodge the Coronavirus.

These things can be in categories as follows:

Things You Need To Avoid To Evade Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19)

Thing # 1. Avoid touching your hands in your face (Eyes, Nose, and mouth/lips). If you feel itching in your face, exercise the use of the upper arm to wipe your face.

Thing #2. Avoid the use of paper money

Thing #3. Avoid pullover garments (use garments which does not wipe your face when putting on and off)

Thing # 4. Avoid takeaway foods from eatery joints

Thing # 5. Avoid crowded places

Thing #6. Avoid shaking hands nor touch fists as a way of greeting.

Thing #7. Never kiss (if your spouse/friend have traveled of late, —keep out of reach for at least 14 days)

Thing #8. Wash your hands regularly, and any time you touch suspicious things like paper money and cell phone.

Things You Need To Do To Evade Coronavirus Disease(Covid-19)

Following the professionals’ advice on how to effectively win the war against coronavirus disease(Covid-19), you need to adhere to the following measures strictly.

Thing #1. Keep social distance —at least two meters.

Thing #2. If you have traveled, keep yourself out of reach of children, family, and the public (self-quarantine) for at least 14 days

Thing #3. Sanitize your phone regularly.

Thing # 4. Put on health certified face masks whenever you go out.

Thing #5. Take a shower before you go to bed (and never touch anything you touched before shower, lest you contaminate your hands and transfer the virus to bed)

Thing #6. Change the carriers once you arrive at home after shopping from supermarkets/shopping centers/Groceries, and wash/sanitize or throw them away. These are the likely carriers of Coronavirus.

Thing#7. Sanitize your chairs and/or wash plastic and leather chairs regularly.

Thing#8. Change your clothing immediately after work visiting public places.


The Bottom Line

Scientists have well played their role. They have shown you what you need to do to win the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19). From every aspect, the guidelines on how to avoid contracting Coronavirus disease should not be rocket science. But unfortunately, it has turned out to be more than rocket science for many people across the world.

The key characteristic of Coronavirus which you should take advantage of is that it is not purely airborne. —Well, it can stay in the air for some three hours or so depending with the humidity and whether condition, but it is not airborne.

So, if you strictly follow the experts’ guidelines on what you need to do to win the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) is easier to overcome it. This is because most infections are through touch contact on contaminated surfaces or being too close to the Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) patients.

It is up to you to quickly change your day-to-day habits according to the experts’ guidelines and the war against Coronavirus disease(Covid-19) will be victoriously over sooner than later. Remember to sign up here with the experts to stay up to date with any health matters


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